FMS in Your Community

Interested in FMS at the local level? Take a look around and see if there’s an FMS Chapter in your area.

Chapters, generally, meet six to eight times a year in addition to offering several networking events such as golf outings and dinners.

In addition to providing local CPE opportunities, several of our chapter organizations are also involved in community outreach programs such as Habitat for Humanity, Toys for Tots, college scholarship programs and more.

Dues for each individual chapter are different. To join a chapter near you, visit that chapter’s website for full information on how to become a member.

Yes. Many chapter events are open to both members and non-members of the chapter. For complete details on registering for an upcoming event in your area, contact your local chapter.

Interested in starting an FMS Chapter in your area?
If you think your area could benefit from the local programming and networking opportunities offered by an FMS Chapter, contact us!

Events by Type

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Begin DateEvent TitleCityStateDetails
Aug 07, 2017Philadelphia Chapter: 2017 FMS/IFI Golf OutingElversonPALearn MoreCHPGOLF17
Aug 21, 2017NY/NJ Chapter: Annual Golf OutingWayneNJLearn MoreCHGNJA17
Sep 17, 20172017 East Coast Regional ConferenceBethesdaMDLearn MoreECR17MD
Oct 11, 2017Philadelphia Chapter: October Dinner MeetingKing Of PrussiaPALearn MorePCHODM17
Oct 18, 2017NY/NJ Chapter: Mini Session & Dinner MeetingHackensackNJLearn MoreCMSDMO17
Oct 24, 2017NY/NJ Chapter: Central NJ Breakfast MeetingFreeholdNJLearn MoreCBMOCT17
Nov 08, 2017Philadelphia Chapter: November Dinner MeetingBlue BellPALearn MorePCNOVDM17
Nov 14, 2017NY/NJ Chapter: Half-day Seminar With NJ BankersIselinNJLearn MoreCHDS1117
Dec 05, 2017NY/NJ Chapter: Holiday PartyWood-RidgeNJLearn MoreNYHP1217
Dec 07, 2017Philadelphia Chapter: 2017 Holiday DinnerPhiladelphiaPALearn MorePCHOLD17
Jan 10, 2018Philadelphia Chapter: January Dinner MeetingKing Of PrussiaPALearn MorePCJANDM18
Jan 17, 2018NY/NJ Chapter: Mini Session & Dinner MeetingHackensackNJLearn MoreNYJMD0118
Jan 23, 2018NY/NJ Chapter: Central NJ Breakfast MeetingFreeholdNJLearn MoreNYJBM0118
Feb 14, 2018Philadelphia Chapter: February Dinner MeetingBlue BellPALearn MorePCFEBDM18
Feb 21, 2018NY/NJ Chapter: Mini Sesion & Dinner MeetingHackensackNJLearn MoreNYJMD0218
Mar 14, 2018Philadelphia Chapter: March Dinner MeetingKing Of PrussiaPALearn MorePCMARDM18
Mar 15, 2018NY/NJ Chapter: Charity Casino Night  Learn MoreNYJCC0318
Apr 18, 2018NY/NJ Chapter: Half-day Seminar With NJ BankersHackensackNJLearn MoreNYJHS0418
Apr 20, 2018Philadelphia Chapter: All-day SeminarBlue BellPALearn MorePCAPS18
May 18, 2018Philadelphia Chapter: Installation And Awards DinnerAmblerPALearn MorePC05IAD18