DECEMBER 1, 2016
Welcome to the Daily Dividend
By Mark Loehrke, Writer/Editor, Financial Managers Society

Daily DividendIf this was a newly built ship, we’d be cracking a bottle of bubbly across the stern today to send it on its inaugural voyage. But since champagne, broken glass and computers don’t mix particularly well, we’ll just stick with this modest but no less celebratory initial post to launch the Daily Dividend, our brand new FMS blog. 

As the tagline notes, the Daily Dividend is your source for news, notes and insights from around the industry, with a dedicated focus on those issues that are most relevant to community banks and credit unions. If you were a frequent visitor to our Industry Insights section on the old website, this will be the place to come for those types of curated links to pertinent stories and articles focusing on the latest ALM, risk management, accounting and regulatory topics of the day, abetted by additional commentary and analysis. We’ll also use the blog to highlight many of the goings-on here at FMS, including:

◾ Upcoming educational seminars and webinars
◾ Trending topics on FMS Connect
◾ New Perspectives pieces
◾ Stories of note from recently published issues of FMS Update

Why did we call it the Daily Dividend? As we were brainstorming potential names for the new blog, our list of possibilities was decidedly lacking in anything distinctive or unique to FMS. Then we came across a box of old publications and memorabilia here in the office and discovered a vintage issue of the society newsletter, circa 1957 (a portion of which you see above). It felt like a perfect way, almost 60 years later, to connect our considerable history of providing our members with news and insights from around the industry with a new platform for delivering that information (though we ultimately decided against reviving the “Terrible Joke Department” from the original Dividend).  

While we fully intend to maintain this blog as a vibrant, current and frequently updated resource, we also fully admit that it is not necessarily our plan to actually publish a new post daily, despite the alliterative moniker. Even so, you can expect fresh content regularly added throughout each and every week, so be sure to check back often.         

Like everything else we do here at FMS, the goal of the blog is to inform and educate (and hopefully to entertain as well). We hope you’ll make it a regular stop on your journey around the web, and we look forward to hearing about anything you particularly like, dislike or would like to see in the Daily Dividend!