FEBRUARY 24, 2017
Friday Hot Links
By Mark Loehrke, Editor, Financial Managers Society

A handful of stories from around the industry press worth some of your time this weekend: 

Homegrown data
In his piece on Credit Union Insight, Frank Koechlein of Velocity Marketing Analytics explores the reasons why more credit unions aren’t taking advantage of analytics to make the most of their customer data, and lays out the case for why they should be. 

Recognizing derecognition 
The Journal of Accountancy provides a helpful summary of the FASB’s recent clarification of its guidance on asset derecognition. 

Grappling with compliance
How do the practices of compliance and jiu-jitsu intersect? Thanks to Bill Coffin’s short but insightful post for Compliance Week outlining the four “goods” shared by the two disciplines, the answer is less of an open-and-close case of “they don’t” than you might have thought.    

Happy birthday, old friend
You might want to send a card or something – as the ATM turns 50 this year, the old banking warhorse may be at a crossroads, writes Toni Lapp for BankNews.

Happy birthday, part II
Speaking of the ATM, Colin Gordon of NCR also uses the 50th anniversary as jumping-off point for a few ideas for how it can remain relevant going forward on banking.com.