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JULY 19, 2017
Reading Shelf: The Latest Model
By Hilary Collins, Assistant, Publications and Research, Financial Managers Society

If you’ve been questioning your assumptions lately, our new FMS Perspectives piece may provide some answers for you. 

Jerry Clark of ZM Financial Systems teaches you how to reach conclusions you can stand behind while managing risk and maximizing profitability in “Identifying Defendable Modeling Assumptions”. He offers straightforward, actionable advice on prepayments, structured cash flows, and more. 

After reading this, you won’t find yourself tongue-tied when an examiner asks you to defend your assumptions!

JULY 12, 2017
Welcome to CECL Central
By Mark Loehrke, Editor, Financial Managers Society

Is your institution ready for CECL? 

It’s a question worth asking, especially when you consider that 64% of respondents in our recent FMS research study noted that they expect a major or significant impact on their operations when the new standard goes into effect. Those same survey participants have concerns ranging from determining the kind of data that’s going to be needed to the modeling adjustments they may need to make to finding the right variables to help forecast expected losses.

With these types of questions and concerns on the minds of many community institution leaders, we’re proud to unveil our latest resource – CECL Central. This collection of CECL articles and tips from sources around the industry is a convenient one-stop shop for all of the information you need to get ready for the new standard.

Whether you’ve been working toward CECL with your team for the past several months or are just hearing about it for the first time today, chances are you’ll find an article or FAQ that speaks to your curiosity, frustration or bewilderment in CECL Central. So stop by to check out the new collection, and come back frequently as additional items are posted.

JUNE 27, 2017
The Way forward
By Mark Loehrke, Editor, Financial Managers Society

While you’ve been enjoying the new e-newsletter version of FMS Update over the past several weeks, we’ve been hard at work putting together your new member magazine. Now we’re proud to unveil the fruits of that labor – the inaugural issue of FMS forward!

We hope you’ll enjoy the in-depth stories and thoughtful analysis of the important issues facing your community institution that you’ve come to expect from FMS, all in a bold and striking new package. You can look forward to these great topics and features in the debut issue:    

We’ve assembled a reconvened roundtable of the six ALM experts from our previous two-part balance sheet panel discussion for their updated views on margin challenges, investment opportunities and deposit strategies    

In an exclusive interview with FMS, FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg offers his thoughts on the importance of community banks, the challenges facing the industry and his agency’s efforts to reduce the regulatory burden

In a special Member Spotlight, we introduce you to incoming FMS Chairman Darrell Blocker from Springs Valley Bank & Trust

If you think building a robust social media presence is a non-ROI waste of resources, you may be missing out on a growing way to meet your customer where he or she lives, according to several in-the-know industry experts and socially conscious FMS member institutions

The magazine isn’t our only big debut this month – we’re also extremely proud to unveil “Community Mindset: Community Bank and Credit Unions Leadership Viewpoints 2017,” our brand new proprietary research survey 

You’ll find all this and more in the first issue of your new member magazine, coming to the website soon. We hope you enjoy it, and we look forward to bringing you more in the months to come! (Not a member? Join today!)

JUNE 26, 2017
The Community Mindset
By Mark Loehrke, Editor, Financial Managers Society

Have you ever wondered if the challenges facing your bank or credit union are similar to those besetting other community institutions? What opportunities for growth are some of your competitors seeing? How are they dealing with their technology issues? What about regulatory pressures?

We may have a few answers for you.  

FMS is proud today to release the results our new proprietary research survey! In Community Mindset: Community Bank and Credit Union Leadership Viewpoints 2017, FMS members can get an idea what 400 senior executives from community banks and credit unions across the country are thinking when it comes to topics including:    

Technological innovation and cybersecurity    

Growth opportunities

Branch networks

Regulatory burdens

CECL preparations

For a quick video tour of the report, check out the latest episode of FMStv. You can expect to see deeper dives into some of the underlying data on the above topics in the months ahead, but for now this initial report provides an insightful snapshot of the community banking industry in 2017, and it’s only available to FMS members. (Not a member? Join today!)

JUNE 20, 2017
Succession Success?
By Mark Loehrke, Editor, Financial Managers Society

Our latest FMS Perspectives piece shines a spotlight on an issue that will confront every community institution eventually – succession planning.

In our recent Quick Poll on the topic, nearly 140 FMS members weighed in on how critical the issue is in their institutions’ planning, and where their plans currently stand. Given the fact that a combined 62% of those respondents indicated that the level of concern surrounding succession planning is considered either “critical” or “significant” at their institutions suggests that this is an issue we’ll be hearing much more about in the years to come. 

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our Quick Poll. Look for another hot topic coming soon!

MAY 23, 2017
Extra! Extra! New FMS Update now available!
By Mark Loehrke, Editor, Financial Managers Society

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you probably know that the occasional headline above has usually been accompanied by an image of a paperboy on a bike getting ready to toss another copy of the printed news (probably into the sprinkler). 

So what’s with the smartphone?

Consider it a quick reminder that today’s edition of FMS Update is not sitting in the inbox on your desk. Rather, the May 23, 2017 issue of our new members-only e-newsletter is conveniently waiting on your computer, tablet or phone, with links to the latest news and analysis from around the industry. We hope you enjoy it.

As for the fate of that paperboy and his ink-stained hands? Let’s face it, these days he’s probably getting rich off the technology that’s making this all possible anyway.

APRIL 26, 2017
Trending Higher
By Mark Loehrke, Editor, Financial Managers Society

What was happening in the investment portfolios of more than 5,000 community institutions in the first quarter of 2017? Find out now in the new edition of the Community Bank Investment Index (CBI Index) from PFM Asset Management LLC. Some of the more notable points from this latest snapshot of the industry:

Portfolio yields continue to climb, with the current yield to maturity of 2.49% far outpacing the year-earlier rate of 1.91%
Portfolio durations have also extended to 4.22 years, compared to 3.85 a year ago
Total dollars invested in bank portfolios was up 0.7% for the period, to $578 billion in securities  

Dig deeper into the data in the new CBI, now available on the FMS Resources page.


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Editor and Director, Publications and Research

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