NY-NJ Chapter: February Mini-Session

NY-NJ Chapter: February Mini-Session

February 20, 2019 | Hackensack, NJ

New York-New Jersey Chapter: February Mini-Session
February 20, 2019

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Speaker: Rick Redmond, CMA – Director of Balance Sheet Strategies, Vining Sparks IBG, L.P.

Topic: What Happened to Sears?

High performing companies typically do an excellent job of providing products and services that resonate with customers. Unfortunately, bankers face “the great banking dilemma” - bank preferences do not always align with customer preferences. A great example of this dilemma can be seen in the current environment where banks generally prefer floating rate assets and fixed rate liabilities while customers prefer just the opposite. In this presentation we will highlight the risk of ignoring customer preferences. We will also discuss approaches to solving the great banking dilemma by focusing on customer needs rather than bank needs.


4:30 - 5: 30 PM

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Stony Hill Inn
231 Polifly Road
Hackensack, NJ   07601

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2/20/2019 4:30 PM - 2/20/2019 5:30 PM
Stony Hill Inn
231 Polifly Rd.
Hackensack, NJ 07601 United States

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