Please fill out the information form below to be considered for a speaking spot at our 2018 Annual Conference in Tempe, Arizona.

Speaker Guidelines
  • A formal, 60 minute presentation to a large group that offers practical, how-to information on a focused topic

  • Educational tracks will be offered in the following functional categories: Performance Measurement & Management, Treasury/Risk and Data / Business Intelligence.

  • Requires Power Point slides (to be uploaded as a PDF file) on the FMS/AMIfs Annual Conference Template. This template will include the FMS/AMIfs Annual Conference logo, as well as your company’s logo and will be made available to you by FMS/AMIfs should your submission be accepted for the program. Any materials received that do not comply with the below guidelines will be rejected and you will be asked to provide them to FMS/AMIfs again correctly formatted.

  • Electronic presentation files are due to the presentation portal by April 6, 2018.

  • A current biography and photo (for inclusion on the FMS/AMIfs Mobile App) are due to by March 23, 2018.

  • A FMS/AMIfs representative will serve as the Moderator of your session and will:
  • • Meet you in the room 15 minutes before your session begins
    • Introduce you using the bio you provided at the time of the abstract
    • Give you a high-five sign when there are five minutes left in the session
    • Will close the session

  • A laptop loaded with your presentation will be provided. Should you have made any changes to your presentation after April 6, 2018, please bring your updated presentation on a flash drive.

  • Attendees will be asked to evaluate your session on a four point scale from excellent (4) to poor (1).

  • If you plan on having a second speaker for the program, please contact Alana Vartanian, FMS/AMIfs reserves the right to not allow speaker add-ons after approval of the submission.

  • Attendees expect you to share your technical expertise and will be quite critical if they perceive a sales pitch. Presentations should be at an advanced level and be of value to the educational enrichment and professional development of FMS/AMIfs members, Sales pitches will not be permitted and will could have impact on future speaking opportunities for FMS/AMIfs!

Deadlines and Decisions
Please submit your session topics and descriptions by Thursday, December 7, 2017 for consideration. Selection is based on the recommendations of the FMS/AMIfs’ Profitability Advisory Council.

Performance Measurement & Management

Integrated Profitability Reporting by: Line of Business, Product, Customer, Related Customer

  • Bolstering profitability data among banking models
  • Rethinking deposit products. Free digital payments versus free checking. How the cost of cash handling is changing the products.
  • Vision of Profitability for a Focused Bank
Cost Measurement
  • Does Severe Cost Cutting damage the Bank brand - forever?
  • Model Building: Creating Efficient and Transparent Models
  • Activity Based Management for Financial Institutions
Planning & Forecasting
  • How monthly "Reforecasting" reduces Budget anxiety and errors
  • Integrating Planning, Budgeting, and Reforecasting
Operational Analysis
  • Bring finance back as a key resource for operations
  • Performance Management
  • Measuring Effectiveness of Marketing Campaigns


Treasury / Risk
ALM - Asset Liability Management

  • What to Love About CCAR/DFAST: The Things We Learned and Need to Learn Balancing business and stress testing
  • Understanding the requirements for organizations moving toward DFAST or CCAR
  • Making PPNR models useful to business case studies
Credit Risk
  • Basic understanding of risk management
  • Credit Risk Strategies - Surviving the new CECL rules. Data overlap.
  • Basics of Credit Risk for IRR Professionals
  • Breaking down the treasury, credit and accounting silos to meeting regulatory requirements and making money
  • Liquidity coverage ratio (LCR): Analyze banking relationships holistically rather than on a transaction-by-transaction basis.
  • Essential Steps to Improve Your Liquidity Position
  • Taking a step back to the future - knowing what we know today
  • FTP Refresher. Why is this important again?
  • FTP Deposit Stickiness, Duration, and Value
  • Preparing for Fed Exams and Validations
  • CCAR - How non-top Tier banks can benefit from the methodology (lessons learned)
  • DFAST and CCAR - How does the data overlap? How to simplify.
  • Preparing for DFAST
  • Basel
Regulatory Reporting
  • Banking Regulatory Trends
  • IFRS 9 Financial Instruments goes live January 2018 – are you ready?
  • Are you ready to be a $10B or $50B bank? How to start planning now.
  • Regulatory Outlook--Anticipating Regulations and Requirement.


Data / Business Intelligence
Customer Analytics and Trends

  • Next Generation of Banking
  • Applied Data Analytics--Beyond Data Retrieval and Management
Dashboard reporting
  • One Solution: Simple On-demand reporting for Business Heads and Power analytics for Finance
  • Enabling Bank Systems to Directly Engage Clients to Alert Them about Opportunities and Risks
  • Visually Presenting the Message from Analysis: Data Visualization in Reporting
Enterprise Data Strategy
  • Building Data Management that will last
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Building Finance DataMarts: Our problem is not big data, it's lots of data without a single source of truth.
Data Quality
  • Owning the Data: The Importance of Data Governance