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JANUARY 13, 2020
FMS Quick Poll: 2020 Priorities
By Mark Loehrke, Editor, Financial Managers Society

FMS Quick Poll: 2020 PrioritiesAfter a period of tremendous loan growth and increasing competition, the quest for deposits is clearly still on the minds of community bank and credit union executives heading into 2020, but perhaps not to the degree that it has been recently. Twelve months after deposit growth was a runaway number one area of focus among FMS members in our annual Quick Poll heading into the coming year, it once again found itself at the top of the list – but this time with a considerably smaller percentage of respondents, and with heated competition from two other emerging categories.   

Read all about it in our first Perspectives piece of the New Year, “FMS Quick Poll: 2020 Priorities,” as we examine the areas FMS members plan to focus on in the coming year. From technology upgrades to M&A considerations, community bank and credit union leaders at institutions across the country shared their most pressing priorities for 2020 – see how your institution’s most pressing issues measure up.

JANUARY 2, 2020
Vive la Resolution: FMS forward
By Mark Loehrke, Editor, Financial Managers Society

The brand new First Quarter issue of FMS forward is here, ringing in 2020 with a collection of great resolution ideas for banks and credit unions from experts around the industry. So even if your vow to exercise more or swear less goes off the rails within the first few weeks (or hours) of January, at least you can still practice some healthy new habits at your institution. Elsewhere in this issue, we’re also looking at:

Two Views of 2020
A pair of leading economists reads the tea leaves to decipher what may lie ahead. 

Organizational Transformation
The best way to move your institution forward may be to tear down the hierarchical structures of the past.

Five Steps to Succession Success
When it comes to leadership, is your institution ready for what comes next?

These are among the many timely and insightful stories we’ve pulled together to kick off the New Year, so be sure to check out the full print or digital copy. (Not a member? Join today!)

DECEMBER 30, 2019
Perspectives on 2019
By Mark Loehrke, Editor, Financial Managers Society

FMS Webinar: Strategic Implications of CECLWhether working in the office on the quiet waning days of the year or just relaxing at home, the holiday lull is a great time to catch up on your professional reading. So if you missed any of our Industry Insights pieces over the past twelve months be sure to check out the full list of 2019 FMS Perspectives offerings below, and head into the new year with a few new ideas for your bank or credit union from some of the brightest minds in the industry.   

Is Your Financial Institution Prepared to Meet Clients’ Technology Expectations?

Facing a Pause, Banks Must Stay Vigilant

Bank M&A 2019: The What and the Why

Is Your Shadow IT Compromising Your Growth and Compliance?

The Growing Push for Financial Literacy

The Road to Higher Profits

Pricing and Elasticity in Financial Institutions: What happens when pricing changes?

CECL Status Check: How Prepared is Your Financial Institution?

Enterprise Risk Management for the Boardroom

CECL: Overcoming Key Challenges

Breaking Down the Silos in Managing Risk

Applying Profitability Through Cube Analysis

The Importance of Portfolio Duration

Balance Sheet Optimization

Assessing Your Financial Institution’s Culture

You Know Your Customers Better Than Most Banks – You Just Don’t Know It

Simple is Not Always Better: The Community Bank Leverage Ratio Playbook

The Economic Realities of Retail Checking in Today’s Marketplace

Paradigm Shift in Fixed-Income Offerings

We look forward to delivering more great Industry Insights to our members in 2020. (Not a member? Join today!)


DECEMBER 19, 2019
FMStv: Model Risk Management Today
By Hilary Collins, Assistant Editor, Financial Managers Society

FMStv: The Importance of a CECL Implementation RoadmapAs examiners shift their focus from large institutions to mid-sized and community institutions, it’s more important than ever to have a robust model risk management process – one that can help your bank or credit union stay ahead of regulatory requirements while allowing you to make better strategic decisions. 

In our final FMStv episode of 2019, Model Risk Management Today, FMS Chairman and managing director of Darling Consulting Group Mike Guglielmo discusses how to satisfy regulators while gaining important strategic insights.

Watch this and our other FMStv episodes today!

DECEMBER 16, 2019
FMS Perspectives: Paradigm Shift in Fixed-Income Offerings
By Mark Loehrke, Editor, Financial Managers Society

While the banking industry continues to see bold initiatives in areas such as payments and digital lending, that same spirit of disruption has yet to reach something as fundamental and outdated as time deposits. But as competitive pressure mounts and interest rate volatility creates both chaos and opportunity, institutions can make a fundamental paradigm shift in how they offer long-term savings to customers.

In his new FMS Perspectives piece, Paradigm Shift in Fixed-Income OfferingsNeil Stanley of The CorePoint revisits an argument he first raised years ago in an FMS whitepaper – that institutions would be well-served to rethink their fixed-income products and endeavor to create something that better reflects the wants and needs of today’s customers.

DECEMBER 9, 2019
FMS Research: Shouldering the Regulatory Burden
By Hilary Collins, Assistant Editor, Financial Managers Society

FMS Research: Shouldering the Regulatory BurdenOver three years of surveying leaders at community institutions about their regulatory burden, a clear trend has emerged – while regulatory burden has remained a consistent challenge and concern since 2017, banks and credit unions seem to have found a way to shoulder that burden without losing a step.

For more insight into how your peers at community institutions are handling CECL challenges and other regulatory concerns, check out our latest FMS research piece: Shouldering the Regulatory Burden.

DECEMBER 3, 2019
Looking back at forward
By Hilary Collins, Assistant Editor, Financial Managers Society

The next issue of FMS forward won’t be here until January, but we’ve rounded up some holiday reading for you. As we wrap up the fourth quarter, here are some interesting pieces from around the industry press that follow up on some of the topics covered in the November-December issue of our member magazine.

In Revisiting M&A, Rick Childs of Crowe LLP talked about what was driving reduced deal volume and values in 2019. If you want more on how 2019 bank M&A panned out, here’s an overview of the major deals of this year, as well as a look at one of the biggest trends on the acquisition front – credit unions buying banks.

If you enjoyed The Pace of Change, you may be interested in this discussion of how middle management can either accelerate or stagnate growth and transformation. Middle management often takes the blame when change stalls, but research shows that projects initiated by middle management are actually more successful than those spearheaded by senior leaders.

And for those interested in The Future of AI, here’s another way that artificial intelligence could change the way we do business: AI-driven talent management. Using AI to assess candidates could help organizations find the right candidate quickly, but recruitment by algorithm raises serious ethical concerns that will have to be addressed before it can be fully embraced.


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