Manage to the “What If?”: Stay Profitable in a Perfect Stom
Manage to the “What If?”: Stay Profitable in a Perfect Stom
Profitability is at the heart of any financial institution’s long and short-term strategy. Whether adding value for shareholders, members, or individual stakeholders, the need to provide and increase value is undeniable. Given the perfect storm that the industry has sailed into, including impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, low and volatile interest rate environment, looming presidential election, and overall economic uncertainty, it is critical to understand what levers most impact performance and value.

n this session, Kaufman Hall finance experts Ken Levey and Bryan Ridgway will share insights to align your profitability and scenario analysis processes to best prepare for and navigate these turbulent times.
Bryan Ridgway, Senior Solutions Engineer of Financial Institutions - Kaufman Hall & Associates, LLC

Recorded June 16, 2020
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