ALM Policies: Make Them Better for Everyone
ALM Policies: Make Them Better for Everyone
ALM policies represent the foundation of an institution's asset/liability management program, yet they are often overlooked as a tool to define a streamlined and flexible program. These policies tend to accumulate unnecessary and impractical elements over time, and institutions may be hesitant to significantly modify policies that have been reviewed by examiners. This session will cover industry best practices for designing policies that establish a strong risk management framework, allow for discretionary flexibility, and meet regulatory expectations. Attendees will learn techniques for reducing page counts and improving policy language, ensuring that readers can easily understand all policy elements. The following sample ALM policies will be made available to all participants: Interest Rate Risk Policy, Liquidity Policy, and Contingency Funding Plan.
Brian Heim, Principal Member and Founder - IRR-analytics, LLC

Recorded June 17, 2020
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